30 min Moroccan Bath & 60 min Massage
270 Dhs 60 min
380 Dhs 90 min
480 Dhs 120 mins
30 min Moroccan Bath & 60 min Massage
350 Dhs 60 min
460 Dhs 90 min
560 Dhs 120 mins
Jacuzzi Bath & Massage
360 Dhs 60 min
480 Dhs 90 min
590 Dhs 120 mins
Turkish Bath & Massage
470 Dhs 75 mins
580 Dhs 120mins
Traditional Full Body Massage
160 Dhs 45 min
180 Dhs 60 min
270 Dhs 90 min
340 Dhs 120 mins
Arabic Romania Massage
270 Dhs 60 min
400 Dhs 90 min
520 Dhs 120 mins
Four Hand Massage
340 Dhs 60 min
500 Dhs 90 min
660 Dhs 120 mins
Cupping / Scraping
160 Dhs 30 min
240 Dhs 60 min
Waxing / Shaving
180 Dhs 30 min
230 Dhs 60 min
360 Dhs 90 min
430 Dhs 120 mins
Swiss Hot Stone Treatment
250 Dhs 60 min
380 Dhs 90 min
Romantic Hot Oil Treatment
220 Dhs 60 min
340 Dhs 90 min
Resin Brush Treatment
220 Dhs 60 min
340 Dhs 90 min


Revitalise your mind, body and spirit with us.

Leave behind the chaos and stress behind and let us take care of you to attain the perfect balance of Body, Mind & Soul.

Hire Us As The Most Satisfying Massage Center In Dubai

Every one of us wishes to have a comfortable and flawless life in which everything must be according to the taste. We need to know that nothing remains flawless forever as there always appear kinds of problems after some time. If we talk about our health, we know that nobody remains healthy forever as there appear illness and diseases due to several reasons. These are the factors whose appearance can never be denied and when such calamities began to appear, there must be attained quality remedies to get rid of these in time. When it comes to eliminating the pains and aches that a man usually got from daily headaches of life, there is a treatment of massage that is the most valued and a quality treatment that can never be resembled with any other service. This is the most advantageous treatment that approaches all the desired points and eliminates the calamities efficiently to bless a person with quality health. So, when there is a need to have this service, we Water Spa is a renowned massage center in Dubai that got quality services and peerless expertise to let the customers get their desires treatment. We are the most professional company that always strives to come to the people’s expectations and provide them the finest results according to their moods. Some of our quality services are discussed below.

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Erase Aches and other Health Calamities:

When it comes to the massage, we are the sole resource that always appears on top in Dubai due to having quality skills and years of experience. This massage is the most beneficial treatment that approaches all the desired points where aches are located and eliminate these flawlessly. When there is a need to apply something beneficial and healthy to have positive effects on your body, this treatment is the one option that can help in all matters. It enables the person to leave all kinds of tensions and new strength will appear due to the warm experience taken through this body massage as hot water is a symbol of comfort and also eliminate the germs with aches. We must know that the significance of body massage in the case of curing various body problems has been scientifically approved. This treatment with oil helps to strengthen muscle improvement of the immune system is also possible with such massages. When it comes to the relaxation of body, soul, and mind, the importance such as body oil massage is indispensable.

Hire Our Quality Skills:

When it comes to bringing flawless results as customers want to have, our masseurs always come into consideration due to their impeccable skills. We have a staff of professional individuals that are well-aware of the latest techniques and are qualified to generate the same results as customers desire to have. Our masseurs treat in a gentle manner to make the patients fascinated can use different types of manipulation. Can use a couple of fingers at a small area, or to reach deep into a tense point can rub with all your fingertips or with the palm of your hand at greater areas. To make it hard, they can use your finger knuckles too. We contain a group of professional masseurs that always make their best treatments according to the client’s expectations. Our highly professional staff is equipped with quality expertise and state of the art tactics to approach the issue and to erase these with perfection to provide maximum comfort to the customers.

Have a Sturdy Flow of Blood:

When we need to have stable health measures, there counts the stability of blood flow that is a prior requisite. This is the most required aspect that makes the whole person dependent on it and no one can live a life without having a sturdy blood flow. There is a thing to know that when the body contains an adequate amount of blood containing a firm pressure with temperature then a person feels healthy and fit for all kinds of executions. A stable availability of blood is a sign of health and a person feels active to bear all sorts of challenges. Furthermore, we need to know that a body massage is a quality treatment that not just makes the person feels calm but also eliminates the stresses for a long time. When we need this treatment, a person will be able to get the finest sleep. When this sort of treatment is done by our peerless professionals, then results becomes more awesome due to the excellence our experts got. Massage tactics performed by our professionals are rare and always generate flawless results to bring maximum comfort to a person.

Have Strong Muscles:

Therapy of massage not just to have comfort but it also makes the muscles strong enough to make the daily life better. We need to know that we all are dependent on our muscles and when someone has these in a sturdy format, there will be no ache and calamity stay in a human body. Our sound treatment delivers many benefits that can’t even be counted and must attain to lead a life with optimum strength. When somebody is finding in Dubai a full body massage, we are the only company that always appears on top. Our professionalism always appears on top throughout the region and there is no one that can dispense the same quality results as we do. A man becomes weak due to the consistent struggle and without going with a bit of time for our body, there always appears aches, stress, pains, and a lot of other problems whose remedy can be get through having a quality massage. So, we are always available to give you the finest services and our performances will not just provide you comfort but the experiences of calmness will be unforgettable for you.

Types of Massages We Offer:

There are several types of massages we offer to our clients. Some of our quality treatments are discussed below.

  • Full Body Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Four Hands
  • Swiss Hot Stone
  • Romantic Hot Oil
  • Resin Brush
  • Arabic

Full Body Massage:

Our professional masseurs are always available to perform this massage by gripping across the direction of the muscle fibers or across tendons. They begin by massaging each area lightly, superficially, and slow to warm up, and then proceed by massaging deeper, firmer, and more swiftly. According to the size and conditions of the area they treat, they can use different types of manipulation. Can use a couple of fingers at a small area, or to reach deep into a tense point can rub with all your fingertips or with the palm of your hand at greater areas. But what most people don’t know is that while you might be in a state of total relaxation your body is going into full activation mode during a massage. Our massage will stimulate your nervous system, wakes up your muscles, organs, moves blood and lymph fluid, and gets multitudes of cells to produce and release chemicals and hormones.

Deep Tissue Massage:

A type of massage therapy, deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This massage is taken as the most pleasurable treatment that makes remarkable results. It’s used for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. This type of massage uses more pressure to reach deeper into muscles and tendons. It targets the network of connective tissues that surround, support, and inhabit muscles, bones, organs, and nerves.

Four Hands Massage:

In this type of massage, there applied 2 to four hands on one client with the purpose to provide maximum relaxation. This massage can be like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. Our professional massage therapists will use the client’s body as a form of canvas onto which they choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures. Our masseurs will generate a remarkable experience of the massage through which the whole body is rubbed to eliminate the issues.

Hot Stone Massage:

In this treatment, there utilize the unique types of stones and places to the patient’s bodies. It is for those people who have muscle pain and tension or who simply want to relax. It is similar to a Swedish massage and only the massage therapist uses heated stones in lieu of or in addition to their hands. It eases muscle tension, improves blood flow, and relieves pain by using heated stones. Our professional masseurs are capable to make the right placements of the stones with the purpose to pull out the hidden aches with the purpose to eliminate them flawlessly.

Resin Brush:

It’s a world-class treatment and a health routine that has been practiced for years in world-class spas and holistic healing centers. Everyone can receive its benefits by practicing body brushing massage through our incomparable practices. A brush with natural bristles is applied and preferably a long handle to allow you to reach all areas of your body. This treatment is then absorbed into the skin and brings quality results to provide the maximum comfort to the patients. Our skilled massagers are the only technicians that make the right applications to pull out the inside aches to finish them forever.

Arabic Massage:

We are taken as the best spa for Arabic massage in Dubai and our quality treatment ensures your fitness with our professional team that offers to help you feel the best. This service is taken as the most enchanting treatment that never lets a person ends it’s potential early and provides a handsome potential that lasts long. We have a qualified team of masseurs that always bring impeccable results and ensure customer satisfaction according to the level of their expectations.

Romantic Hot Oil:

Among all the massage deals that we have in our service, a hot oil massage is a great massage to relax and feel better. It’s like an oil massage but the oil is warm to give you a different feeling and sensations than with a regular oil massage. Our masseurs make the best treatment to make the patients feel comfort and oil brings more relaxation to erase the stresses.

Grab Our Competent Prices:

There is a thing to know that every business got attractions when it showcases the best prices against services and this is the reason that we are the sole service in delivering the best services against fair prices. We always take customer suggestions and provide them their desired services to eliminate all the disturbing things that affect life. With the concern of prices, we are the sole company in Dubai that always charge fair prices and never let the customers take any inconvenience from our quality services. We need to know that there is not just the quality that counts the most but prices also count to provide maximum relief to the customers.

We have become a quality massage service in Dubai in bringing marvelous treatments. We always take customer satisfaction on priority and strive to deliver the same satisfaction level as customers demand to attain. Price is a prominent factor in life and we charge the best prices against quality services and are always selected by the people due to be fair with their expectations.

Hire Us:

A message is quality service in this globe and this is the sole treatment that generates flawless results on the human body. When there is a need to get rid of tensions and anxieties, our massage is the best deal that can clean out all these calamities. So, when you need to attain a quality massage service in Dubai.

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