Switching to Natural Skincare Products Can Help You in the Long Run

Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare products are made with no such artificial ingredients, mineral oils, or fragrances. Instead of these, natural skincare products that contain essential and natural herbal ingredients, then contribute to the maintenance of the health and balance of the skin. These sorts of products can then be used for different skin types that also include problematic and sensitive skin. As compared to the generic ones, natural cosmetics are much more efficient, and also with all the variety of good ingredients, a small dose is then considered to be enough for satisfying the needs of one’s skin. 

What is the problem with mainstream skincare products

In order to understand the importance of having a switch to natural skin products, first, it is expected to have an understanding of the alternative, and specifically on the reason behind why the alternative is not sustainable when it comes to the general health of an individual.

On average, a woman applies a minimum of 12 products to her body on daily basis, which translates that every day her body absorbs 160 different chemicals. And this then raises the questions about these products hurting oneself in the long run, and what it is going to cause to the skin. These days, it is to be seen that the consumers are here being more informed, and the different techniques for intriguing them towards the products are not enough anymore. Below is a list of just a few problematic ingredients that are found in the mainstream skincare products that then makes one try natural skincare brands.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

This basically is a surfactant that is used in different foaming products like shampoos and shower gel. But, even though it creates a luxurious and rich lather, SLS is also highly stripping which causes dryness and irritation in the long run.

  • Synthetic Fragrances

These then have their links to allergies, respiratory distress, and contact dermatitis. Oils that are heavily fragranced can then cause sneezing, coughing, as well as hyperpigmentation for sensitive skin types.

  • Parabens

in almost every skincare product, these are used. These not only are toxic to the environment but they are also linked to endocrine disorders and also different types of cancer.

When a person uses 12 products as well as hundreds of different harmful chemicals in some sort of small does on a daily basis, all such bad ingredients will then have a cumulative effect, and in a matter of few years, one might end up witnessing different weird symptoms without knowing their basic root. 

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How natural products are a solution to this problem

One thing that natural skincare brands are about is rediscovering the advantages of clean, pure, ethical recipes. Apart from not making use of the artificial ingredients mentioned above, they are inclusive of the natural substances that further help the skin to recover and later stay happy. 

Taking an example of soap, soap can actually be good for washing the face, if better ingredients are included in it, ingredients like shea butter, goat milk, and olive oil. Taking goat milk soap as an example, its benefits include replenishing the skin which is because of the natural fatty acids as well as amino acids that keep it youthful with all the antioxidants. Whereas, the goat milk soap is also enriched with the vitamins E, D, C, A, B1, B12, and B6.

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Cruelty-free and Ethical Production Processes

Apart from using the questionable synthetic ingredients, it is to be seen that the cosmetic industry has also been blamed for the controversy of its manufacturing processes, which then often involves wasteful plastic packaging, animal testing, as well as hiring underpaid workers in third-world countries. While, the other mission that comes forward for the natural skin care products is then prioritizing the value over profit, or valuing the value than profit, this is the mission that makes the natural beauty skincare more worthy and important. Hence, in addition to the safer ingredients, numerous companies then have pledged to use the ingredients that are safe, cruelty-free testing, and manufacturing the products locally instead of outsourcing the production.


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