Traditional Full body Massage

Full body relaxing massage is of therapy involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefits. The body’s soft tissue areas include the muscles, tendons, connective tissue, etc.

Do you feel stressed? Do you feel like taking a break from your hectic routine?

A full body massage is the perfect break that you need! Unlike the hassle of planning a vacation, booking a full body massage session is quick and loads cheaper if you feel like unwinding yourself. Dubai Water Spa is one phone call away from booking a session for you on an immediate basis. As a professional full body massage center, Dubai Water Spa offers a huge range of massage services. Our most sought after massage service is the traditional full body massage.

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Benefits for Nervous System

After a session at our full body massage center, you will feel relaxed and calm. The traditional massage comes with numerous benefits. The habit of regular massage helps in nurturing a healthy lifestyle. A massage always comes across as complete relaxation for the body but what most people do not realize is that during massage, the entire body works in an active mode. This is because it acts as a stimulator for the nervous system. The muscles of your body wake up, the glands and organs improve the blood circulation and lymph fluid. A massage also helps in producing a lot of cells and then releasing certain hormones in the body. It eventually leads to reversing the signs of stress.

Enhancing Lymphatic System

Another benefit of getting a session at our full body massage center is that the lymphatic system is vital in balancing the fluids in our immune system. The lymphatic vessels run parallel with the blood vessels and numerous groups of lymph can be found in our neck, groin and armpits. Our expert massage therapists ensure that the blood flushes through the muscles and tissues while draining the lymphatic system. In this way, the lymph nodes eliminate dead cells and other waste products like pathogens. A stressed body retains fluid which drains the lymphatic system while reducing edema in some parts of the body. Thus, a traditional massage at our full body massage center will benefit in proper operation of your lymphatic system.

Improved Mobility of Body

Fresh skin cells emerge due to the friction between the therapists’ hands and the lotion or oil being used. Massage also has musculoskeletal benefits. Our body muscles work like a sponge. Blood and lymph fluid is released when the muscles are contracted, and when the muscles relax then the fresh blood enters it with fresh nutrition like oxygen and immune cells. The improved blood supply benefits the eradication of lactic acids and other elements which cause cramps while slowing the muscle metabolism process. At our full body massage center, the therapists includes certain movements of stretching which helps in mobilizing areas like joints while placing adequate tension on tendons and ligaments of muscles.

Benefits for Cardiovascular System

Lastly, a full body massage is great for your heart. Massage produces vasodilation which increases the blood flow and ensures prompt delivery of oxygen throughout the body. The entire cardiovascular system improves the blood flow in the body. The cardiovascular system feels relaxed and regulates the heart rate and blood pressure.

The list of benefits of getting a traditional massage at our full body massage center will not end. Hence, we invite you to book your next full body massage session at Dubai Water Spa to get an enriched and delightful experience.


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